What’s New – 11 Dec 2016

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has posted final versions of the 2016 resident and non-resident tax forms along with the instructions (in draft form). There are changes to many of the forms, adding some, and eliminating others (like Schedule Z and the CA-6).  Links to the Form 1 Resident and Non-Resident instructions/forms are in the Reference Material tab.

The NTTC posted version 3 of the 2016 Training Workbook Instructor Notes and Errata (dated 28 Nov 2016).  Version 3 includes all notes from versions 1 and 2.  These notes can also be found in the Training tab, along with the workbook itself.

AARP released an updated Scope Document (version 2).  This version clarified the earlier 2016 Scope document; there have been no additional scope changes.  Please note that Cancellation of Debt associated with a primary residence remains out of the scope for Massachusetts volunteers.  They also posted Client Facilitator Training and Local Coordinator Training presentations.  The IRS requires all Local/Site Coordinators to be trained in Quality Site Requirements and other key elements of the program.  The Local Coordinator presentation fulfills this requirement — so all Local/Site Coordinators should review this presentation.

Thanks to Greg Stathis of District 16 for letting us know about the NTTC Instructor Notes and Errata update.

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