Tax-Aide NTTC Workbook for Tax Year 2016

The NTTC has updated the answer key for their 2016 Workbook using 2016 software (the previous answer key used 2015 software since that was the only version available).  Per their request, we cannot post the answer key online — you can get copies directly from your district coordinator and/or lead instructor.

Please note that the IRS recently released the 2016 Instructions for Schedule A that include the tables required to calculate the sales tax deduction.  These tables have not yet been incorporated into either Practice Lab 2016 or the IRS’s online sales tax deduction calculator tool.  This affects the Miller, Parsons, Thompson, and Yale problems. Until Practice Lab 2016 is updated, you can either calculate the sales tax deduction manually using the Instructions for Schedule A or accept the fact that your return and the answer key will not match for the taxes paid and all subsequent lines.

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