What’s New – 1 Jan 2017

The IRS recently published and posted Pub 17 (Your Federal Income Tax) and Pub 4491-X (VITA/TCE Training Supplement).  All counselors should receive a hard copy of Pub 17 within the month. Pub 4491-X includes all the changes that need to be made to the 2016 training material, including Pub 4012.  There are a series of pen/ink changes as well as entire change pages.

In parallel with that, AARP Tax-Aide’s National Tax Training Committee released an Updated Pub 4012 with NTTC Changes (dated 12/28/2016) – for use by Tax-Aide volunteers only – that incorporates the anticipated 4491-X changes as well as explanatory notes and clarifications unique to the Tax-Aide program.  You can also download a version that consists of just change pages to print and punch so you can swap out pages from your original 4012.  Note that this version is 178 pages (89 when printed double-sided) – just a caution before you print them all.

This document does include the recommended responses to TaxSlayer’s EITC due diligence questions.  You can find these on pages I-6 and I-7.

All four documents have been updated on the Reference Material page.

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