TaxSlayer Blog

The most common way of accessing the TaxSlayer blog is by logging into Practice Lab and clicking on the link on the left-hand side bar.  However, there are other ways you can access the blog without logging in….which may be very useful if TaxSlayer appears to be down for any reason.

The direct URL for the blog is  There is a clickable link on our website’s right-hand side bar under “links”  (along with links to the IRS, DOR, AARP Volunteer Portal). You can also access it from the TaxSlayer Springboard which includes links to Practice Lab, the production site (when activated), as well as the blog.  You can also subscribe to the TaxSlayer blog by clicking on the RSS icon rss on the blog’s upper navigation bar — this gives you the option of subscribing via a web-based news reader (if you use one) or by email.

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