ACA Tools and Calculators

One of the volunteers in Colorado has developed a tools to help determine affordability for ACA purposes.  You can find that tool here, with a permanent link to it on our sidebar in the Bogart’s tools categories.  Since this tool can be confusing to use, there is a tutorial available — while in the tool, just click on the link in the upper left hand corner.

The 2016 Massachusetts Lowest Cost Bronze Plan and Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan calculators are now available on the Massachusetts Health Connector website.  These links are not in the same place as our previous post on this topic.  We updated the links on our sidebar to these new calculators.  One caution — we tested the links for a 60 year old in our zip code and the Lowest Cost Bronze Plan was significantly higher than the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan — which didn’t seem right.  We would appreciate it if someone else could try our some cases (especially if you have a 1095A to check it with) — and comment back on this post.

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