TaxSlayer Update

Edited to add the telephone number and email address for TaxSlayer support.

Just a reminder – if you experience any TaxSlayer system problems we suggest you:

  1. Check to make sure you are not the only one experiencing the problem at the site.
  2. Close browser and clear the cache.

If this does not work

  1. Contact TaxSlayer support to tell them there is a problem. TaxSlayer does not know the extent of a problem if it is not reported by all. The TaxSlayer support number is (800) 421-6346 and email address is
  2. If you do not receive a satisfactory response from TaxSlayer, escalate to the National Office through OneSupport. In the body of the email include the SIDN, EFIN point of contact and the date when TaxSlayer was contacted, please describe what happened in detail. This information is needed when we contact with TaxSlayer on the problem.

Some of you have been asked what is going on with MA Paper Returns which have a watermark indicating “do not file”.  There is a problem with the barcode that is printed on the form, which is automatically read by he DOR.  Both DOR and TaxSlayer have acknowledged the issue and are talking so expect a resolution relatively soon.  Efiling is not affected and can be attempted.

Options for Paper File:

  1. If possible, hold the return and print once the problem is fixed.
  2. If that is not possible, one can print MA hand entry forms or get an MA Form 1 book, and have the client copy the information from the “Do not File” copy to a handwritten paper file.

Do not mail the “Do not File” version as the automatic read of the Bar Code will result in the DOR system having erroneous data, likely causing the client downstream issues.

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