What’s New – 11 Feb 2017

The NTTC released an updated version of their TaxSlayer 2016 Tips (version 3a dated 2/9/2017.  It’s a good idea to check both these tips and the NTTC modified version of Pub 4012 previously posted before contacting TaxSlayer with an issue — there might be a known solution or workaround.

For those sites that have scanners and who want to attach backup information (such as brokerage statements, power of attorney statements, etc) to the electronic return, Taxpayer pdf Documents and Secure Folders document describes how to store the taxpayer documents securely.  Note that saving PDFs of the return itself is NEVER allowed.  For more information about attaching documents, see page K-22 of the NTTC modified version of Pub 4012 dated 1/28/2017.

Incorrectly configured browsers can inadvertently save PDFs of the taxpayers return when printed.  This Computers Saving TSO Files document details how to configure your browser correctly to stop this from happening.

You can also find all of the above referenced documents in the Reference Material page under the heading AARP Tax-Aide.

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