IRS Site Reviews

Message from John Woods, State Coordinator.

IRS reviews are out in force and we are seeing them across the state. They are generally going well and we are getting a fair number of compliments for how we are doing with TaxSlayer in spite of the challenges we are facing.
One area that has come up a bit, is our sites being cited for the wrong SIDN and or the wrong EFIN. In general you should not worry about either of those issues if you are following the guidance we gave earlier.  We have an agreement with the IRS, because of TaxSlayer limitations, that we can use the primary site SIDN at the Ad Hoc locations. However, the IRS checklist forms have not been updated to reflect that arrangement, so that “error” will be disregarded by both the IRS Territory office, when they receive the report, and by the State Management Team, when it is reported to us.
Similarly, because of TaxSlayer start-up issues, the IRS EFIN database is not completely up to date, so they are often checking for the wrong EFIN when they review the sites.  We are working to resolve that issue as well and will disregard errant reports.
As always stay focused on the items that make a difference to clients: correct returns, good quality review, intake sheets…
Thanks for all you do for TaxAide and especially for all of our clients.

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