TaxSlayer Reports

This post is for those who are responsible for efiling returns and whose roles allow them to view TaxSlayer reports.

You can check the status of any individual return by clicking on client status on each return in the Office Client List, but that can be tedious when you have a lot of returns.

TaxSlayer includes a variety of built-in reports (in the Reports Menu item).  The most commonly used are probably the IRS/State Acknowledgements and the Accepted/Rejected Returns, but the following reports should also be checked to ensure nothing fell through the cracks:

  • Validation Errors
  • Federal/State Returns Not Transmitted
  • Returns Transmitted
  • Federal/State Non-Accepted Returns

Just because there are returns showing in these reports doesn’t mean they’ve been overlooked; there are valid reasons for them to be included.. For example, we have returns still classified as rejected because the only way of correcting them was to have the taxpayer send in a paper return. We have state only returns sent very early in the season that are still classified as transmitted even though they were accepted by the state (subsequent state only returns are categorized as accepted).

One of the concerns we’ve heard expressed is a hiccup that prevents the state return from being sent after the federal return was accepted. At the bottom of the Reports Menu is an item called Management Reports. There are two reports “Site Production Detail Report” and “State Detail Summary Report” you can use to see the IRS/state acceptance status of each return. Using these assumes you know if a return should be both federal/state, federal only, or state only – but it does allow you to see the federal/state acceptance information on one report. {Note: There is a problem with the Site Production report in that it does not list the last name of the taxpayer.}



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