Getting Ready for the New Season

This message is for Massachusetts Tax-Aide volunteers.

Recruiting for our upcoming season has already begun. The state AARP office already issued their e-newsletter and press release looking for volunteers and Twitter and Facebook recruiting ads are popping up in people’s feeds.

The best source of new volunteers is always our existing volunteer cadre. We hope you can encourage your friends and family – or anyone else who expresses interest – to fill out an application at Volunteer for Tax-Aide.

Please note that we aren’t just looking for client facilitators and preparers/counselors. We need volunteers with administrative, communications, and technical skills as well – so if preparing returns isn’t your thing – there are other opportunities.

We are also encouraging our current volunteers to consider assuming a little more responsibility. We know you might look around, see what others do, and think it’s too much. But spreading the workload out will help all of us, as well as bringing in some fresh new perspective. There are opportunities outside of the formal tax season such as training (conducting, helping set up, testing training workbook problems and developing the answer key), reviewing and preparing Massachusetts specific documentation, mentoring first year volunteers,recruiting, prospect management, etc. During the season, how about offering to share some of the workload with your local coordinator (or become a local coordinator yourself).  There are district level jobs for administrative coordinators and technology coordinators. Does anyone have Javascript expertise?  You could help write some calculators/tools for volunteers to use while preparing returns.

We are willing to provide help and guidance for any additional task you take on.

The best way to volunteer is to talk to your local or district coordinator. If you’re not comfortable doing that, you can always respond to this post (comments are not published) or email me via the contact menu.

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