TaxSlayer 2017 Activation

TaxSlayer started releasing the 2017 license activations this morning.

If you are new to this and/or have not done the Multi-Factor Authentication on your account yet  — we strongly recommend holding off on doing anything until after Christmas when there will be more people to help you. TaxSlayer will be closed from Saturday (23 December) through Tuesday (26 December), reopening Wednesday morning (27 December). Many District Coordinators are away for the holiday. So it’s important to remember that these licenses don’t need to be activated immediately.

For those who are more experienced and who’ve done this before, there are three situations.

  • If you are just continuing an existing EFIN with the same administrator — it’s pretty seamless.  But you will have to go through the Multi-Factor Authentication process.  Look to your district for guidance if necessary.
  • If you’re taking over a license from someone else — you’ll need to contact TaxSlayer and let them know (they have the full list from the IRS to verify). TaxSlayer will send an activation email and the new administrator just needs to fill out his/her information plus some site information.  Be sure to follow the instructions in the email plus those in the “Setup Guide for TaxSlayer Pro Online – TY2017” found on One Support.
  • Any brand new licenses will be activated using the two step process we all used last year (again, detailed in the setup guide).  We don’t know if the new activations have gone out yet.

So — the good news is we got the licenses.  The bad news is…..not the best timing.  But they don’t need to be activated immediately so hold off if you can.

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