Health Care Forms

The IRS recently announced that they had extended the 2018 date for certain employers and health coverage providers to furnish 2018 health coverage forms to taxpayers. See IRS Tax Tip 2018-06. That means our taxpayers might not have their 1095-B or 1095-C forms until 2 March 2018.  You can still prepare and file their returns using other information from the taxpayer about their health coverage.

Note that the Massachusetts DOR has NOT extended the date by which the insurance companies must issue their 1099-HC forms. So all taxpayers with private insurance should have these forms on/around 31 Jan 2018.  Note that if a taxpayers did not receive a 1099-HC form, you can so indicate by answering “Yes” to the question “If you were NOT issued a Form MA 1099-HC, select YES,” then enter the insurance company name and taxpayer’s subscriber number, but leave the EIN blank. This is in accordance with the Form 1 Schedule HC instructions and was confirmed by DOR representatives.

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