Circuit Breaker and 1040-ES Updates

We believe that the Circuit Breaker issue that we posted about on 30 Jan 2018 has been resolved. You can fill out and save the Circuit Breaker screen for homeowners without any errors and subsequently efile the return successfully.  If anyone encounters a problem, please up-channel the issue through your management chain so everyone keeps abreast of the issues.

The IRS SPEC released guidance on 1040-ES (estimated payment) forms that TaxSlayer posted on their blog yesterday.  In summary….

The IRS is continuing to update its programming and processing systems for some 2018 forms impacted by the Tax Reform Act.  This includes Form 1040-ES, Estimated Tax for Individuals, for all software vendors.  IRS expects to release this form to software vendor in mid-February.

Once the form is released TaxSlayer will update the software with the correct 2018 Form 1040-ES.  Until this form is released by IRS, VITA/TCE sites should not provide the 2017 coupons currently printing from the software to the taxpayer.

See the linked post for further details.

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