Massachusetts Update – Week 4

And better late than never!  Power outages are not good for productivity.

You can now complete and file returns with the retroactively reinstated energy credit.  If you’d started the energy worksheet before 2 March you might need to delete that information and re-enter it to ensure it’s current.

In the Massachusetts health care section, the default insurance company EIN is 12-3456789.  You cannot delete that.  Simply overtype the correct EIN in that entry box. Most of the time that works without any problem. If you can’t get the correct EIN in, just enter the company name and subscriber number. If the taxpayer has Medicare, VA, or MassHealth and you don’t need to enter an EIN — ignore the 12-3456789.

TaxSlayer recently posted a message from the Massachusetts DOR on their blog.  You can read it here….but in summary, the DOR converted some refunds intended for direct deposit to paper checks.

The IRS and DOR have started sending out letters – especially those asking taxpayers to verify their identify. You’ll probably start hearing from a lot of taxpayers who are getting letters and wondering what to do. The letters are self-explanatory when you read them.

If a taxpayer did not bring in their 1095A and the return was filed without Form 8962, the IRS will send the taxpayer a letter with explicit instructions on how to correct it. Follow the instructions in the letter and submit only what is requested.


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