Massachusetts Update – Week 5

And…..we’re half way through the season.

I hope everyone is up and operating with this crazy weather.  After 2+ hours of snowblowing just today and trying to reschedule three days of appointments because of snow and power outages……I am ready for a break!!

Now that we’re half way through the season, I recommend all EROs check to make sure you have not forgotten to efile any returns (especially state returns).  I like to use the TaxSlayer reports feature and review the Management Reports (Site Production Detail Report) to verify what I thought I sent was what I really sent.

We’re starting to see an uptick in amendments.  One of the frequently asked questions is — for MA returns — how to mark them as amendments.  When you’re navigating through the amendment screens, when you see this – click on the words “Edit Amended” – not the pencil icon.  That will allow you to check the required “amended” box on the MA return.


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