Massachusetts Update – Week 6

It’s hard to believe we’ve wrapped up week 6.

I’d really like to encourage all volunteers to share more.  If you learn something new about tax law or how input something into TaxSlayer — rather than have others re-learn what you know — let’s share it.  You can send any of these tidbits to me by commenting on the blog.  They won’t get published automatically, but I will read them.

For example…..

  • The Massachusetts M-1310 doesn’t print correctly and TaxSlayer says it must be sent in via regular mail, even if e-filing the MA return is possible. TaxSlayer has acknowledged the M-1310 does not print correctly.and has created a ticket to correct it. In the mean time, it is best to paper file the MA return with the M-1310; the person filing the return may have to fill in additional information on the M-1310 to satisfy DOR requirements.
  • If you have a taxpayer filing MFS who doesn’t know their spouse’s SSN — you can enter 111-00-1111 – which will allow you to complete the data entry (see 4012, page B-12).  You won’t be able to efile the return unless you have the correct SSN; if the taxpayer doesn’t know it — he/she will have to paper file the return.

For those who might encounter taxpayers with properties larger than an acre who might be eligible for the circuit breaker — Peter Viles developed some calculators to pro-rate the property tax amounts specifically for the circuit breaker calculation.  You can find the links on the Reference Material page (at the bottom).

Heads up if you have a taxpayer who gets a 1095A (even if they don’t know it).  If you file the return without entering that information — the IRS will send the taxpayer a letter asking them to submit the 1095A and Form 8962 before they release the anticipated refund.  It can take up to 8 weeks after the taxpayer sends in the 1095A and 8962.  So don’t think the taxpayer will get their refund faster — it’s better to submit everything in the initial submission.

We’re seeing more and more letters from the DOR asking taxpayers to verify their identities and/or provide backup information to justify their refunds.  Just a word to the wise.




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