Massachusetts Update – Week 8

We’re getting down close to the end of season so it’s time for a few reminders.

Counselors and client facilitators who have worked 40 or more hours can submit either an itemized or flat rate ($35) reimbursement request.  All itemized requests MUST be entered via the volunteer portal.

If your counseling mileage exceeds $400, you must submit a pre-approval request before submitting your actual itemized reimbursement request.

No one can submit both an itemized and flat-rate reimbursement request in the same year (fiscal year – 1 Oct – 30 Sep).

Site leaders will need to input their site program metrics – number of paper and amended returns, question and answers, etc – into the portal at the end of the season.  Now is a good time to look through your logs to organize that data.

National released QSRA-2018-01 on March 29,2018 to emphasize the requirement to conduct a thorough Intake/Interview and Quality Review Process.  Please read and heed.


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