Massachusetts Update – Week 9

Now that we’re fast approaching the end of the season…’s a perfect time to learn some new things.

We cannot efile 2015 Massachusetts state returns.  You can efile the federal return, but the taxpayer must mail in the 2015 Massachusetts return.  If you forget and try to efile it, you won’t get an error message.  The only way to know is to check “Client Status” on the Office Client List — the status of the MA return will be “ready” and it won’t be transmitted to the DOR.  You’ll need to print the Massachusetts return and give it to the taxpayer to mail.

Have you ever wondered what a validation error was and when you might get one?  I’m sure there are other examples, but one that we encountered was for a TY2016 Circuit Breaker return in which the preparer entered a different address for the property than the taxpayer’s mailing address. The return was efiled which resulted in a validation error – which was noted on the Client Status page and detailed on the Validation Report.  Upon investigation, we determined that the validation failure was because the zip code was NOT transferred to Schedule CB (even though it was entered) and a zip code is a required field.  We will investigate this further and submit a problem report if needed.

We HIGHLY recommend that you doublecheck any 2015 Massachusetts returns you may have efiled to make sure they’re not stuck.  You should also review the validation reports (for 2016 and 2017) to make sure you didn’t miss any errors that may have appeared there.

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