TaxSlayer 2018

TaxSlayer released software for 2018 Federal returns on Practice Lab in early November. Different Tax-Aide groups and TaxSlayer itself have identified the following as not yet available:

  • The 20% provision of Qualified Business Income (QBI) is not calculated
  • The Additional Child Tax Credit is not included, nor are the backup forms and Form 8812
  • The non-refundable qualified dependent credit may not be included for some dependents
  • The Sales Tax Worksheet is not calculating properly
  • The General Sales Tax worksheet is not calculating properly

There are also two formatting/display issues:

  • The 1040 preview displays the old 1040, with the new information overprinted.  If you create a PDF, you can see the new Form 1040 and with its associated schedules.
  • If the return has more than 2 dependents, the dependent information appears on a back-up page, not on page 1 of the 1040.

2018 TaxSlayer software is a work-in progress. You can use the 2018 software to get some early insight into the impact of the new Federal tax laws on typical returns we prepare, but the final refund or amounts owed may not be correct because of the issues outline above.

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