Updated Documents Posted

We posted two updated documents today.

  1. Massachusetts TaxSlayer Worksheet TY2018.  [Found in the Reference Material tab]  This is a tool with three purposes: serve as a Massachusetts Intake Sheet, ensure preparers make the required Massachusetts manual entries, and track the Massachusetts taxability of the taxpayer’s IRA distributions.  It’s useful to fill this out for each taxpayer, then use the Worksheet to complete the Massachusetts return and do the required quality review. It should be included in the taxpayer’s envelope with the other tax documents.  Please note that once we see the final version of Massachusetts 2018 software, we might need to make additional changes.
  2. Massachusetts Training Workbook Answer Key (TSO2017).  [Found in the Volunteers Only tab]  The answer key for the Burns and Hudson problems was corrected to move the MA Bank Interest entry, form 1, line 5a, from Burns to Hudson. This was a typo and the answer was entered in the wrong column of the spreadsheet.

If you have any comments on the Worksheet, training practice problems, or answer key – please let us know. Note that we are drafting an errata and clarification sheet for the practice problems.  You can always reach up by commenting on this post (comments are not published) or via the contact us tab.

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