Print Sets

We’ve been getting some questions about print sets.

We are not setting up a standard Massachusetts print set for TY2018.  There are four print sets incorporated into the TaxSlayer system: Quality Review, 2018 Taxpayer Copy Print, 2018 Paper File Copy, and PY Taxpayer Copy Print that are sufficient for most situations.

  • Quality Review is used for the QR process at a site.
  • 2018 Taxpayer Copy Print is the standard package to print a file copy of a return for a taxpayer.  It includes a “stacked” version of the 1040 (both pages on a single sheet of paper) and all six schedules (Schedules 1-3 on one page, 4-6 on another).
  • 2018 Paper File Copy is the print set to be used if the taxpayer needs to mail in his/her return.  The 1040 and Schedules 1-6 are printed on separate pieces of paper as required by the IRS.  Remind the taxpayer that they shouldn’t cut the pieces of paper down to smaller size than a standard 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper.
  • PY Taxpayer Copy Print is the print set to be used to prior year returns.

Individual sites can, but are not required to, set up their own custom print sets.

If a site sets up its own custom print set, please remember that, per AARP Foundation Tax-Aide guidelines, all custom print sets must include the three consent forms (grouped together and titled Custom Consent(s) in the print set menu) in the print set.



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