20 Feb Update

An alert volunteer pointed out an incorrect reference in the Mass Taxable IRA Worksheet TY2018 used when both taxpayer and spouse are taking distributions from IRAs they each contributed to while working. We updated the worksheet and reposted it in the Reference Material tab.

The DOR posted updated guidance on the Circuit Breaker credit.  They will continue to send out verification letters this year — especially to taxpayers claiming the credit for the first time.  So it’s a good idea to give those taxpayers a heads up to expect a letter.

There are two situations in which a taxpayer might be eligible for the Qualified Business Income deduction — one is as a small business owner, the other is if they have Section 199A dividends. These are identified on a 1099-DIV in box 5 (new this year).

Taxpayers are starting to bring in consolidated statements from their investment firms. Guidance for entering capital gains can be found in 4012, starting on page D-20.

We do not have a date for final approval of the Massachusetts forms so do not know when the “Do Not Mail” watermark will be removed.

There is a fillable PDF form of the Intake Booklet posted on the Volunteer Portal libraries.

We posted a list of IRS and DOR addresses to mail original and amended returns in the Reference Material tab.


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