End of Season

The end of the TY2018 season is approaching very quickly.

All volunteers who have contributed 40+ hours are eligible for a reimbursement — either a flat rate ($50 for leaders, $35 for all others) or actual mileage (note that leaders can also expense some site/filing related items). Instructions for submitting reimbursement requests are available on the volunteer portal (search reimbursements in the library) – your district and local coordinators can provide assistance. Remember that counselors whose mileage expenses exceed $400 must submit a pre-approval request. Please submit all requests as soon as possible, but no later than the final deadline of 30 June 2019.

For those volunteers requesting continuing education credits…..please remember the following:

  • You must have taken your standards of conduct, intake and interview, and advanced tests online via Link & Learn (paper certifications are not acceptable).
  • Submit your volunteer agreement, Form 13615, signed by both your certifying official and your site coordinator, to the IRS NO LATER THAN 30 April 2019. The deadline cannot be extended.
  • CE Credits should appear in your record in the June/July timeframe.

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