End of the Season

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers for another great season — we efiled over 33,000 federal returns and a comparable number of state returns.  I know our taxpayers and sites appreciate all you do for them.

We held our annual wrap-up meeting with the State Management Team, District Coordinators, and others to go over the accomplishments and issues of the season, as well as to plan out our off season activities.  Training, technology, and recruiting are all on the list.  If you have any issues or ideas for program improvements, please channel those through you local and district coordinators.

We’ve already kicked off our off-season activities. The pace is much less frenetic than during the season and there’s time to go in depth on various topics.  If you’d like to volunteer to help, please let your local/district coordinator know.

Active recruiting will start just before Labor Day. Our best source of new volunteers is you – new prospects can apply anytime at http://www.aarpfoundation.org/taxaidevolunteer

One last reminder for all the administrators is to triple-check to make sure all returns have been efiled and all non-administrative TaxSlayer Production accounts have been inactivated.  Volunteers who want to continue practicing can always log onto Practice Lab to keep their skills sharp.

Thanks again and we do hope that most of you plan to return next season.

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