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All Tax-Aide documents can be found on the Volunteer Portal in the Libraries tab.

Massachusetts Resource Guides (Mass Manuals) – current and prior years

Massachusetts Tools and Quick Guides

  • Massachusetts Tax-Aide Scope.  This document augments the national level scope document with Massachusetts unique requirements.
  • Massachusetts Interest Entries TY2017.  This is a quick reference on how Massachusetts taxes different types of interest and tells you where to enter that information in TaxSlayer. It’s useful to include this with your 4012 so you have it handy when preparing returns.
  • Massachusetts TaxSlayer Worksheet TY2018 (11 Dec 2018).  This is a tool with three purposes: serve as a Massachusetts Intake Sheet, ensure preparers make the required Massachusetts manual entries, and track the Massachusetts taxability of the taxpayer’s IRA distributions.  It’s useful to fill this out for each taxpayer, then use the Worksheet to complete the Massachusetts return and do the required quality review. It should be included in the taxpayer’s envelope with the other tax documents.
  • Massachusetts Optional Sales Tax Tables.  These tables are excerpts from the 2016 and 2017 1040 Schedule A Instructions  — but in a much larger font.
  • Massachusetts Circuit Breaker Calculators.  If the taxpayer’s property is larger than one acre, you can use these calculators to determine how much of the real estate taxes paid can be used for the Circuit Breaker credit.  Download the Excel version or download and print a PDF worksheet.