Reference Material



AARP Tax-Aide

  • Tax-Aide NTTC Workbook Tax Year 2017 and NTTC Instructor Notes and Errata. You can find these on the OSHC.
  • ACA Compliance Flowchart (uploaded 9/21/2016).  This Flow Chart is not intended to be used for all returns. If a District has designated “some experts in ACA” as go-to people for the few returns that are ACA complex, such experts could find the Flow Chart valuable.
  • Tax-Aide Scope Manual TY 2017 Rel 1 (uploaded 10/18/2017).  This manual covers the forms and schedules that volunteers certified through the Advanced level may be trained to do under the guidelines of the program.
  •  Local Coordinator Training (2016). This presentation fulfills the IRS requirement for all Local/Site Coordinators to be trained in Quality Site Requirements and other key elements of the program.
  • Client Facilitator Training (2016)
  • ERO Transmitter Training 1/30/2017.  The NTTC developed this to help EROs with the e-filing process.
  • Taxpayer pdf Documents and Secure Folders (1/11/2017).  This documents describes how to save taxpayers documents such as power of attorney letters, brokerage statements, etc to attach to the return electronically.  Note that saving PDFs of the return itself is NOT allowed.
  • Computers Saving TSO Files.  This documents describes how to configure your browser so it does NOT save a PDF of the return to the computer when printing.
  • ACA Issues and Scenarios Guidance (3/30/2017).  This document describes the ACA-related issues with returns efiled in early March 2017 and details the procedures to correct them.

Massachusetts AARP Tax-Aide