CORI Policy


All volunteers in the Tax-Aide program in Massachusetts must submit a request for a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) background check to rule out any past disqualifying criminal record. Massachusetts state law requires this process for anyone who has unmonitored contact with children, disabled people, and the elderly. The background check reports a summary of any adult criminal arraignments in Massachusetts courts. It does not include juvenile records.

When prospective new volunteers indicate an interest in the Tax-Aide program, they are asked to complete a CORI Application.  The form is then returned with identification to the Massachusetts CORI Administrator who inputs the information into the CORI online system.

The state returns a report to the CORI Administrator, the only person designated by the state to receive reports for Massachusetts Tax-Aide.  In the vast majority of cases, the report states that no issues were found.  The CORI Administrator then passes this information to the District Coordinator who is then able to move forward with the candidate.

In those rare cases where an issue is reported, the CORI Administrator and State Coordinator have the authority to make a judgement on whether or not the approve the volunteer.  If that decision is negative, the law requires that the results of the CORI check be shared with the individual.  All Massachusetts Tax-Aide volunteers are required to have a CORI review upon entering the program and every four (4) years thereafter.  If a Tax-Aide volunteer has not worked in the previous season, a new CORI application and review is required.

For more information, see the Massachusetts Tax-Aide CORI Policy.