TaxSlayer Online Configuration

The Setup Guide for TaxSlayer Pro Online (TSO) – TY2018 was just posted to the Tax-Aide volunteer portal libraries.  All site administrators should download and review the document carefully.  Even if you are continuing from last year, it’s important to verify that your configuration is correct because things have changed.

All administrators (returning and new) should have access to their software now — if not, please let us know immediately.

The only configuration item we are pushing down from the state level is the custom credit asking about the Circuit Breaker (this is the same as last year).

Individual administrators must add questions to identify the quality reviewer and site at which the return was prepared (only for those sites working together under one license).

We are not creating a Massachusetts unique print set – those that are built in (quality review and taxpayer copy) should be adequate for most needs. However, administrators can create custom print sets if they so choose.

TaxSlayer Documentation

TaxSlayer has released how-to documents for using TaxSlayer Pro.  We’re uploaded them to the Reference Material & Tools page.  TaxSlayer released the documents as three separate sections; we’ve uploaded the individual sections as well as a consolidated document merging all three sections.

Remember that you can always use the search function to locate material on this website if you can’t remember where it is.